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The Land Portal is a Foundation registered in the Netherlands in 2014.

The vision of the Portal is to improve land governance to benefit those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness through information and knowledge sharing.


The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is the UK's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues.


Our mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.

We do this by locking together high quality applied research, practical policy advice, and policy-focused dissemination and debate.

TMP Systems is a boutique consultancy based in the United Kingdom, with staff in the United States and the Philippines. Our work spans asset management, commercial investment systems design in carbon, energy and land use and environmental, social and governance diligence.

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The webinar Financial Costs of Mitigating Tenure Risks, organized by the Land Portal Foundation, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), TMP Systems and the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, will take place on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, from 14:30-16:00 CEST (13:30-15:00 BST).

The acquisition of agricultural land is growing at an unprecedented rate in Africa, as global demand for food and resources grows. Research shows that land disputes are also on the rise, exposing businesses to severe risks at the project level. The problem is endemic and growing, and companies want evidence-based approaches to address this new reality and understand their exposure to risk. 

The Quantifying Tenure Risk (QTR) project, a joint research initiative from the ODI and TMP Systems, funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, aims to provide the data and analysis that businesses need to reduce land conflict and improve land governance through better informed investment decisions. 

This September QTR will be launching a report that assesses the costs and effectiveness of responsible land investment practices in emerging market contexts. The report makes the case for tenure risk mitigation in order to engender confidence and trust between investors and local communities, which secures social buy-in and mitigates the financial risks associated with disputes. The findings suggest that investments make clear financial sense. It calls for governments to require investors, both domestic and international, to dedicate financial resources on community engagement activities.

This webinar will present the results of the forthcoming report The financial costs of mitigating social risks: Costs and effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies for emerging market investors and discuss the implications of increasing tenure security through enhanced investment strategies. The webinar will include a dynamic discussion among a panel of experts.


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Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal Coordinator

Laura Meggiolaro
Team Leader
Land Portal Foundation



Charlotte van Andel
Charlotte van Andel
Senior Environmental and Social Officer
Netherlands Development  Finance Company (FMO

Ben Bowie, Partner, TMP Systems
Ben Bowie
TMP Systems

Joseph Feyertag, Research Fellow, Climate and Sustainability, ODI
Joseph Feyertag
Research Fellow
Climate and Sustainability

Lorenzo Cotula, Principal researcher (law and sustainable development), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Lorenzo Cotula
Principal researcher (law and sustainable development)
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Shivani Kannabhiran, Policy Advisor at the Responsible Business Conduct unit of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Shivani Kannabhiran
Policy Advisor
Responsible Business Conduct unit 
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

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The social costs of tenure risk

Costs and effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies for emerging market investors

Informes e investigaciones
Septiembre, 2021
África subsahariana

This report assesses the costs and effectiveness of responsible investment practices in emerging market contexts. Its results make the business case for investments in social risk mitigation and avoidance practices. Such practices include community engagement efforts, impact assessments and the establishment of grievance resolution mechanisms. Implemented correctly, responsible investment practices engender confidence and trust between investors and local communities, which secures social buy-in and mitigates the financial risks associated with disputes.

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