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Enero 2023
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This training manual on “Improved management practices on rice-fish and dike cropping” offers guidance for organizing training sessions with pertinent farmers and extension workers. This publication provides an overview on Rice-Fish farming system including importance, advantage and disadvantage, type and technique of rice-fish culture and role of rice, fish, and vegetable in nutrition, livelihood, and economics. It also details the identification and preparation of land conducive to rice-fish and vegetable cultivation, in addition to providing guidance on rice cultivation management. The primary focus of this manual is to describe improved management techniques, including pre-stocking, stocking, and post-stocking procedures, for integrated rice-fish culture. Furthermore, it includes methods for cultivating vegetables on rice-fish plots, aiming to improve both farmers' profitability and nutritional outcomes.

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Collis, William , Mokarrom, Hossain , Dr. Md. Mahbubul Alam, Miah , Sarker, Ashoke , Islam, Md. Mazharul , Roy, Sattyanarayan , Sarker, Parimal Chandra , Saha, Gopal Chandra , Zahura, Israt , Ali, Hazrat

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