Enhanced capacity of women in Smart-Valleys, alternate wetting and drying and multi-stakeholders platforms establishment in Mali | Land Portal

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Enero 2023
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Mali, situated in the Sahelian region of West Africa, faces vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, and these effects are already evident across various sectors. Noteworthy consequences of climate change in Mali encompass heightened temperatures, increased frequency of droughts, water scarcity, and the progression of desertification. Indirect impacts include health impacts, such as the spread of vector-borne diseases, and resource conflicts, exacerbating existing tensions arising from diminishing resources.
The recognition of women's heightened vulnerability stems from their use of fields characterized by lower fertility and water-holding capacity. Moreover, cultural and social norms limit women's access to information and finance. While acknowledging the importance of developing and implementing strategies to address changing climatic conditions, neglecting specific actions aimed at overcoming constraints faced by women farmers may widen existing disparities between men and women.
AICCRA-Mali has undertaken a series of intensive training sessions aimed at enhancing the capacity of women farmers in the Smart-Valleys approach for water control in inland valleys, alternate wetting and drying irrigation for rice production with reduced water use and greenhouse gas emissions, and establishing multi-stakeholder platforms to improve access to information, technology, finance, and markets. Workshops were conducted on March 14th in Siramana, March 19th in Selingue, and November 01st in Sikasso, with the participation of 246 women farmers leading their organizations in respective communities. This report offers a synopsis of the workshop sessions.

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Dossou-Yovo, Elliott Ronald , Djagba, Justin , Kone, Pierre , Akpoffo, M. Marius , Doumbia, Salif

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