Eastern and Anglophone Western Africa Regional Assessment for the FAO Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and Other Natural Resources | Land Portal

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Enero 1970
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The Eastern and Anglophone Western Africa Regional Assessment meeting was organized by a task force consisting of FAO, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, African Land Policy Initiative, the United Nations World Food Programme, United Nations Development Programme, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme officials in Ethiopia. The meeting was hosted by UN-ECA and overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Ethiopia and it was made possible by funding from the UN-HABITAT’s Global Land Tool Network and financial support from the Government of Germany and IFAD. The workshop was the 9th in a series of others held in Southern Africa (Namibia), Asia (Viet Nam), Europe (Romania), Near East and North Africa (Jordan), Latin America (Brazil), West and Central Africa (Burkina Faso), Pacific (Samoa), Central America and Caribbean (Panama) and one held for the private sector in the United Kingdom (London). It brought together 51 participants from 13 countries in Eastern and Western Africa.

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