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Brazil has one of the most advanced legal frameworks in Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) related to the recognition of land and property rights.
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Malnourished Yanomamai Children

How Illegal Mining Caused a Humanitarian Crisis in the Amazon

7 February 2023

The onslaught of illegal miners into Indigenous territory in the Brazilian Amazon has destroyed forest, polluted rivers, and brought disease and malnutrition to the Yanomami people. Now, the new Brazilian government is confronting a health crisis and moving to evict the miners.

From Japan to Brazil: Reforesting the Amazon with the Miyawaki method

3 February 2023

Reforestation using the Miyawaki method seeks to restore nature to its original state with results that can be seen in around six years. Miyawaki works around three concepts: trees should be native, several species should be randomly planted, and the materials for the seedlings and the soil should…

COP27: APIB takes its demands for Indigenous Land recognition to Egypt and reinforces climate change agenda for Lula Government

16 November 2022

Between 6 and 18 November, indigenous leaders of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), together with their grassroots organizations, will participate in the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27). The event will take…



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Forced Evictions in Brazil

Data against forced evictions in Brazil: The Zero Evictions Campaign

7 May 2024

How could a problem that affects at least 1,5 million people in a country like Brazil be so unheard of? How could so many families be evicted from their homes by public authorities, or with their endorsement, when staying at home was one of the main measures to contain a global health crisis, such…

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Beef, Banks, and the Brazilian Amazon

Beef, Banks & the Brazilian Amazon

Online event · Feb 25 2022, 3pm CET  Using Geospatial Data to Investigate Deforestation Disruptive Fridays #29 With: Sam Leon (Head of Data Investigations, Global Witness, UK) and Louis Goddard (Senior Data Investigations Adviser, Global Witness, UK)Live at The…