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Community Organizations WITNESS Forced Evictions
WITNESS Forced Evictions
WITNESS Forced Evictions
Civil Society Organization


15 million people are forcibly evicted each year. WITNESS works to incorporate video advocacy into local and global campaigns for housing and land rights with international and local partners in Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, India and Mexico.

The Forced Evictions campaign ran from 2011-2014. The primary goal of the campaign was to advocate for an end to forced evictions by working with underrepresented and at-risk communities to protect their rights to housing, land, and livelihood. The campaign used video to make communities’ stories heard in the push for accountability for forced evictions resulting from development. Local campaigns illustrated trends in rural and urban communities, as well as those underlying forced evictions caused by infrastructure projects and mega-events like the World Cup and the Olympics. In partnership with the Habitat International Coalition, a global network of more than 400 organizations around the world, WITNESS supported local and national campaigns primarily in five countries—BrazilCambodiaEgyptIndia, and Mexico.



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