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Land is an important source of identity, symbol of social status and foundation for rural power in India, often carrying significant emotional attachment. With a long history, diverse geography and pluralistic culture, land governance has evolved in India through communal, imperial, feudal, colonial and modern systems, gradually moving towards individualization and conclusive titling.

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Enhancing Women's Land Tenure Security and Access to Agricultural Services : 7 Cases from India

4 March 2021

Documented as part of the World Bank study Land Policy Reform for Agricultural Transformation in India by NRMC Centre for Land Governance, this series of case studies analyzes recent interventions by government and non-government organizations to secure land tenure rights for poor farmers…

Inequality in Asia

Press Release: Study Finds Upward Trend of Land Inequality in Asia Driven By Large-Scale Land Acquisitions

24 November 2020

In a new study, researchers say that land inequality is rising in most countries. Worse, new measures and analysis proves that land inequality is significantly higher than previously recorded, with data reporting a 41 percent increase compared to traditional census data. The report, Uneven Ground:…

Imprisoned elderly Jesuit defended indigenous land rights in India

Imprisoned elderly Jesuit defended indigenous land rights in India

28 October 2020

An 83-year-old Jesuit priest imprisoned in India on accusations of terrorism has been targeted because of his defense of indigenous people's land rights, church and human rights leaders say. Fr. Stan Swamy, who is from India's Jamshedpur province, has worked among indigenous people, known…



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Rural Land India

India’s SVAMITVA scheme: a public value perspective directs attention to inclusive innovation for rural property formalisation

16 November 2020

Last month, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, issued the first 0.1 million Rural Property Cards (RPCs) to communities across more than 763 villages in six states in rural India under the SVAMITVA scheme. The ambitious scheme, a collaborative project involving federal, state and local governing…

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India Land And Development Conference, 2017

Land Governance for Accelerated and Inclusive Development 5-6 April, 2017, New Delhi, India     Introduction Participant interviews Daily Wakelet Introduction Land is globally seen as a potential tool to create conditions and opportunities for realizing social and economic equality and maintain…