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AFR100 Phase II - Inception


09/22 - 02/23


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This is a contribution to biodiversity conservation by strengthening the capacity to restore 100 million hectares of forest landscape in Africa.


Under the second phase of support the AUDA-NEPAD/AFR100 Secretariat aims to actualize the transition from commitments towards implementation by supporting the AFR100 countries in actualizing their restoration commitments on the ground, through various forest and landscape restoration actions. The actualization of the countries restoration commitments will contribute to reversing the negative impacts of deforestation, environmental and land degradation, realize healthy, productive landscapes, enhance livelihoods of smallholder and rural producers, and subsequently build the resilience of rural communities in Africa, who are most susceptible to risk factors. The Concept Note of AUDA-NEPAD/ AFR100 Secretariat for consideration under the New Swedish Strategy for Regional Cooperation in Africa has three components for the Phase 2 Project, which include: 1) Scaling up the Land Accelerator Programme (LAP): Increased support to Women and Youth restoration entrepreneurs 2) Strengthening Resilience through Sustainable Land Restoration: Support to Implementation of Land Restoration Commitments Support to AFR100 3) Implementation Monitoring: Tracking and reporting AFR100 Implementation The proposed four-month inception phase will allow the AFR100 Secretariat to further elaborate on the Concept note, expanding on the envisaged activities and implementation modalities for each of the three project components, particularly Component 2, as well as the associated budget for Phase 2. In addition, during the inception phase, AFR100 secretariat will contibute toAFR100 Management Team (MT) Retreat and Land Accelerator Boot Camp; and will support National Capacity Building Workshop for Strengthening AFR100 Implementation and Upscaling Forest Landscape Restoration in South Africa.

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