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Community / Land projects / Improved Governance of Tenure for Shared Prosperity in the Senegal River Basin

Improved Governance of Tenure for Shared Prosperity in the Senegal River Basin


07/15 - 06/19


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This project funded by the Federal Government of Germany is intended to form part of the overall support programme specifically envisaged to provide targeted support for the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT). Building on the momentum created by the endorsement of the VGGT, the project aims at responding to an increasing demand from numerous actors in the Senegal River Basin over the past few years - especially representatives from civil society, farmers’ and pastoralists’ organizations, local authorities, etc. - to discuss and improve governance of tenure and accountability in the context of new investments in agriculture being made by public and private investors. Outputs under this project focus on: Interrelations between VGGT, F&G and LGAF are levelled and strengthened in the three countries.; Enhanced capacity on the VGGT and F&G in the Senegal River Basin; and inclusive multi-stakeholder platform and mechanisms for dialogue and implementation of actions on tenure issues in the Senegal River Basin established. It includes the integration of contributions into the national tenure governance road maps of the three countries and ad hoc support to the road maps implementation processes towards improvement of the legal and administrative framework for land based investments in the Senegal River Basin region.