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20 juin 2019
Afrique orientale

Date: 13 juin 2019

Source: FarmlangrabASO et al

Anywaa Survival Organisation, GRAIN, Kenya Peasants' League, South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers' Movements | 13 juin 2019 [EN] [ES]

Le nouvel accord foncier de Karuturi Global en Ethiopie doit être abandonné

Photo by: Antonio Fiorente
17 avril 2018
Dr. Solomon Bekure Woldegiorgis

For hundreds of years, pastoralists in Ethiopia’s lowlands have relied on strong customary land tenure systems to survive. Historically, legislation has failed to clearly define communal rights to rangelands, and the specific roles and responsibilities for both communities and local government to administer and manage these resources. This legislative deficiency prevented pastoral communities from fully exercising their constitutional rights to land (Ethiopia’s Constitution broadly recognizes pastoral communities’ right to access land and prevents their involuntary displacement).

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