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Reports & Research is a resource type for publications where research was involved in establishing the report, but not necessarily with an academic approach. The resource type aims to bring together under which all the different types of resources that have been identified as "research report", "case report", "research report", "case study", "use case report", as well as "workshop report" or "flagship reports". Good practice reviews are also generally nested under this resource type.

Rapports et recherches
septembre 2020

In 2015 we celebrated world leaders’ recognition of the foundational and strategic role that secure land rights for all –women and men, regardless of ethnicity, religion, place of residence, or civil, economic, social, or political status—must play to achieve a world free of poverty, hunger and systemic gender discrimination.

Resolving Land Disputes
Rapports et recherches
décembre 2015
Sri Lanka

This manual outlines dispute resolution mechanisms, procedures and strategies that are or will be put in place by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Justice’s Special Mediation Boards (Land) to promote the resolution of a variety of housing, land and property disputes in the country.

Brunei Property Investment Guide
Rapports et recherches
décembre 2016
Brunéi Darussalam

A guide to tenure and foreign ownership to support property investment

Rapports et recherches
janvier 2019

This study determined pre-conflict, conflict and post-conflict land use change and analysed the impact of armed conflict on the intensity of land use change in northern Nimba County. 

Rapports et recherches
novembre 2014

Recently dubbed “Africa’s Lion” (in allusion to the discourse around “Asian Tigers”), Ethiopia is celebrated for its steady economic growth, including a growing number of millionaires compared to other African nations.

Rapports et recherches
février 2017

A landmark report from the Oakland Institute, Taking On the Logging Pirates: Land Defenders in Papua New Guinea Speak Out! elevates the voices of communities across the country who are opposing the theft of their land, made possible by the corrupt practices of local officials and foreign companies.

Rapports et recherches
octobre 2016

Backroom Bullying: The Role of the United States Government in the Herakles Farms’ Land Grab in Cameroon, shows how bullying by US government officials may have played a critical role in the granting of nearly 20,000 ha by the Cameroonian government to the US-based firm Herakles Farms in 2013, instead of the cancellation of clearly flawed project.

Rapports et recherches
octobre 2019

In 2017, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) commissioned a gender assessment of the agriculture and rural sector in Papua New Guinea.

Rapports et recherches
décembre 2019

¿Cómo funciona este negocio, cuáles son sus reglas? ¿Qué hacen los políticos sobre el tema? ¿Quiénes son los que están en eso? Para responder estas preguntas se tuvo que indagar también en el sector internacional, porque es un sector globalizado y para entender lo local es necesario tener una perspectiva mundial.

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