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16 novembre 2023

En examinant les paysages de plusieurs pays africains, nous mettrons en lumière la myriade d'expériences des chefs traditionnels, en soulignant les variations de leur autorité législative et le poids de leur parole. En s'appuyant sur des études de cas réels, le discours soulignera les zones de friction potentielles entre les chefs traditionnels, les entités gouvernementales et la population locale, en particulier lorsque les projecteurs se tournent vers la gestion des investissements fonciers dans les domaines ancestraux.

International Institute for Environment and Development
Land Portal Foundation
Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment
ILC Africa
17 août 2022 to 19 août 2022


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Afrique australe

We are pleased to announce the new dates for the Land Conference 2022: The failed Promise of Tenure Security, Customary Rights and Dispossession.  The conference is set to take place from 17-19 August 2022 online and in-person venues. The conference will be a hybrid event and is jointly convened by the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC) at UCT, the Legal Resources C

Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies




The Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law

The Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law (Journal) is published three times annually by the students of the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. The Journal publishes articles on a wide variety of international and comparative law topics in order to provide a forum for debate on current issues affecting international legal development including international and comparative law issues and tribal/indigenous peoples law.

Asian Journal of Comparative Law

The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) is the leading forum for research and discussion of the law and legal systems of Asia. It embraces work that is theoretical, empirical, socio-legal, doctrinal or comparative that relates to one or more Asian legal systems, as well as work that compares one or more Asian legal systems with non-Asian systems. The Journal seeks articles which display an intimate knowledge of Asian legal systems, and thus provide a window into the way they work in practice.

O Centro de Integridade Pública de Moçambique, adiante designado abreviadamente CIP, é uma pessoa colectiva de direito privado, dotada de personalidade jurídica, de tipo associação sem fins lucrativos, não partidária, independente, com autonomia administrativa, financeira e patrimonial, que se rege por seus Estatutos e pela demais legislação em vigor.


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and globalized through advancements in technology, diplomacy, and other means, a publication like the Fordham International Law Journal becomes an important platform for sharing and understanding the legal issues that arise across borders and comparing them with what is occurring within our own borders. Currently in its 42nd year of publication, the Fordham International Law Journal is one of the most competitive international law periodicals in the world.

KcK addresses the problem of governments in East Africa not respecting their constitutions, which leads to gross human rights violations, marginalisation, oppression, civil strife and coups. As a think tank, KcK provides critical and up to date information to East Africans on constitutionalism, good governance and democratic development.


Excellent administration and management of land for sustainable development



To implement an efficient land administration and management system in order to ensure equity in access to land



  • Efficiency
  • Transparency and Accountability

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