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Rapports et recherches
Asia du sud-est

The purpose of the Mekong Land Research Forum online site is to provide structured access to published and unpublished research on land issues in the Mekong Region. It is based on the premise that debates and decisions around land governance can be enhanced by drawing on the considerable volume of research, documented experience and action-based reflection that is available.

Publication évaluée par des pairs

Accounting for one quarter of China’s land area, the endorheic Shiyang River basin is a vast semi-arid to arid region in China’s northwest. Exploring the impact of changes in land use on this arid area’s carbon budget under global warming is a key component to global climate change research.

Rapports et recherches
Afrique du Sud

To better understand the role of tenure security in protecting against, and mitigating the effects of, HIV and violence, this book explores these linkages in Amajuba, South Africa and Iganga, Uganda.

Législation et politiques
Politiques nationales

The Cities Alliance-funded Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa 2012 programme aims to provide specialist tenure technical assistance and advisory services to slum upgrading initiatives in the region. The work also aims to contribute to improved access to land for poorer people, which in turn contributes to improved livelihoods, active citizenship and wealth creation.

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