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Estrategias de organización social para la administración del bosque de San Juan Evangelista Analco, Oaxaca

Reports & Research
Septembre, 2012

La presente investigación tuvo por objeto analizar la organización social que existe en San Juan Evangelista Analco, Oaxaca para el manejo forestal comunitario. La compilación de datos se hizo mediante el uso de la “técnica etnográfica”, lo que hizo necesario aplicar técnicas de investigación de campo de tipo cualitativo, como la de “observación participante”, “genealogías” y “entrevistas”. Los resultados reflejaron que en la comunidad existe una organización comunitaria para la administración de los bosques basada en el capital social, que recae en el Comisariado de Bienes Comunales.

Sustainable Land Management : Challenges, Opportunities, and Trade-offs

Juin, 2012

Land is the integrating component of all
livelihoods depending on farm, forest, rangeland, or water
(rivers, lakes, coastal marine) habitats. Due to varying
political, social, and economic factors, the heavy use of
natural resources to supply a rapidly growing global
population and economy has resulted in the unintended
mismanagement and degradation of land and ecosystems. This
book provides strategic focus to the implementation of

Environmental and Gender Impacts of Land Tenure Regularization in Africa : Pilot evidence from Rwanda

Mars, 2012

Although increased global demand for
land has led to renewed interest in African land tenure, few
models to address these issues quickly and at the required
scale have been identified or evaluated. The case of
Rwanda's nation-wide and relatively low-cost land
tenure regularization program is thus of great interest.
This paper evaluates the short-term impact (some 2.5 years
after completion) of the pilots undertaken to fine-tune the

Commonisation and decommonisation: Understanding the processes of change in the Chilika Lagoon, India

Journal Articles & Books
Décembre, 2011

This article examines the processes of change in a large lagoon system, and its implications for how commons can be managed as commons in the long run. We use two related concepts in our analysis of change: commonisation and decommonisation; commonisation is understood as a process through which a resource gets converted into a jointly used resource under commons institutions that deal with excludability and subtractability, and decommonisation refers to a process through which a jointly used resource under commons institutions loses these essential characteristics.


Journal Articles & Books
Septembre, 2011

kenya land alliance download :Memorandum On Continued Engagement With The Ministry Of Lands On Land Reforms Presented To: The Ministry Of Lands. The approval by the public of the Constitution at the referendum on August 4, 2010 and its promulgation on August 27, 2010 heralded a new dawn of governance in Kenya. Through its broad provisions, it is expected that it will spur social and economic development and secure the land rights of all Kenyans, by among others guaranteeing them ownership, control and access to natural resources.

Farm-level data integration: future problems and consequences for public and private structures

Conference Papers & Reports
Février, 2011

One of the outcomes of the EC-FP7 project “Future Farm” was showing the need ofINTEGRATION, something that PROGIS has been doing for 15 years. Within the whole sectoragriculture–forestry-environment-risk management there is an enormous need for integrationthat is not available yet, because of on side the existing admin-sector-structures plus on theother side diverse public and/or private interests with opposite directions and in many cases thenot streamlined interest of ALL involved parties. On the other hand we have the nature that isfully integrated and should be managed by us!

Pagos por servicios ambientales: ¿qué papel ocupan en el desarrollo agrícola sostenible?

Journal Articles & Books
Décembre, 2010
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Recientemente, se ha renovado el interés en fomentar el desarrollo agrícola sostenible unido a una búsqueda de políticas e innovaciones institucionales que lo favorezcan. Los pagos por servicios ambientales (PSA) son un instrumento normativo relativamente nuevo y diseñado para incentivar la provisión de externalidades positivas para el medio ambiente. Este artículo pretende evaluar la experiencia y el potencial de los programas de PSA en apoyo del desarrollo agrícola sostenible.

Supreme Court of India Judgment on Village Common Land in Case of Jagpal Singh & Ors vrs. State of Punjab & Ors. (Civil Appeal No.1132 /2011 @ SLP(C) No.3109/ 2011

Décembre, 2010

This is a judgment of Supreme Court of India to check grabbing of village common land including ponds and water bodies (called in different names) by unscrupulous persons, political clout, powerful vested interests, corrupt state authorities, etc by fraudulent practices and ensure their protection and safeguard.

A Commons Story

Reports & Research
Novembre, 2010

The study is an attempt to bring to  the fore a Commons perspective of agriculture,livestock and rural   livelihoods  in  the  dryland and tribal areas of  India.  Would  agriculture,  livestock and  rural livelihoods sustain in  the absence  of the support  provided  by  Commons.

In finding an answer to this,  This explores  the potential role of  the Commons (land and  water resources)  in strengthening the  viability  of the agro‐pastoral production  systems and the resilience of  household livelihoods.