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Occupation, est le fait d'utiliser un bien ou d'y être installe, avec ou sans titre légal.

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juillet 2021

For many decades communities in West and Central Africa have been facing industrial oil palm plantations encroaching onto their community land. With the false promise of bringing ‘developmentand jobs;corporations;backed up by the support of the governments;have been granted millions of hectares of land under concessions for industrial oil palm plantations.

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mars 2021

With the end of the civil war in Burundi, the government began a transitional justice process to consolidate peace and deal with the legacies of past violations. Part of the transitional justice work in the country has been restitution of land and other property – a process that has provoked further violence and, to some extent, threatened national unity.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
février 2021

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a key tool for both environmental and land management. It identifies potential adverse and unintended consequences of the projects on land use and the environment and derives possible mitigation measures to address these impacts. Calculating the volume and severity of impacts is complex and often relies on selections and simplifications.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
janvier 2021

Abstract: To avoid illegal occupation of people in areas where construction is forbidden and the development of informal settlements, municipal authorities must anticipate city planning.

novembre 2019

Two new papers by Sandra Bhatasara and Kirk Helliker on land occupations in Shamva and Bindura Districts;Mashonaland Central;are analysed. They offer nuanced accounts of what happened. As previous studies have shown;the story is not straightforward. Includes history and memory;organising occupations;the occupiers;rise of the party-state;why does this history matter?

Les propositions de la société civile pour la réforme fonciere au Cameroun - LandCam.png
Documents et rapports de conférence
juillet 2019
Afrique sub-saharienne

Date: juillet 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabLandCam

Par: Wouri Consulting et Samuel Nguiffo/ LandCam (CED, RELUFA, IIED)

Documents de politique et mémoires
juillet 2019

Date: 12 décembre 2019

Source: Foncier & Développement

Par: Daniel Latouche

« Appuyer la réforme foncière en Haïti : Les enseignements des expériences québécoises et internationales »

Articles et Livres
juin 2019
Sierra Leone

Date: 13 mai 2019

Source: Foncier & Développement

Par: Gérard Chouquer

Gérard Chouquer publie un nouvel ouvrage aux Presses des Mines : « Le foncier, entre propriété et expertise »

Manuels et directives
mars 2019

Date: mars 2019

Source: Foncier & Développement

Par: Kathleen Sexsmith (IISD)

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