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On Equal Ground: Promising Practices for Realizing Women’s Rights in Collectively Held Lands

Reports & Research
Janvier, 2021

Sustainable land governance requires that all members of a community, both women and men, have equal rights and say in decisions that affect their collectively-held lands. Unfortunately, women around the world have less land ownership and weaker land rights than men – but this can change, and this report shows ways how that can be done.

EN IGUALDAD DE CONDICIONES. Prácticas prometedoras para la materialización de los derechos de las mujeres a las tierras de posesión colectiva

Reports & Research
Janvier, 2021

La gobernanza sostenible de la tierra requiere que todos los miembros de una comunidad, tanto mujeres como hombres, tengan los mismos derechos y voz en las decisiones que afectan a sus tierras de propiedad colectiva. Lamentablemente, las mujeres de todo el mundo tienen menos  tierra en propiedad y derechos más débiles que los hombres, pero esto puede cambiar, y este informe muestra cómo hacerlo.

Can group farms outperform individual family farms? Empirical insights from India

Journal Articles & Books
Juillet, 2018
Southern Asia

Is there an alternative model to small family farming that could provide sustainable livelihoods to millions of resource-constrained and often non-viable smallholders in developing countries? Could group farming constitute such an alternative, wherein smallholders voluntarily pool land, labour and capital to create larger farms that they manage collectively?

Understanding How the Legal Framework in Myanmar Currently Supports Recognition of Shifting Cultivation Tenure Arrangements

Policy Papers & Briefs
Mai, 2016

Land Core Group Shifting Cultivation Meeting
Yangon, Myanmar
17 June 2016 .....Legal Framework = Tools in a Toolbox...Where to start? Constitution...What tools exist in various laws?...Association Registration Law...Farmland Law (Strengths)...Farmland Law (Weaknesses)...Forest Law and CFI (Strengths)...Forest Land and CFI (Weaknesses) ...Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Land (VFV) Law ...Need for a new tool...