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Journal Articles & Books
Octobre 2018

This river basin overview describes the state of the water resources and water use, as well as the state of agricultural water management in the Jordan basin. The aim of this report is to describe the particularities of this transboundary river basin and the problems met in the development of…

Peer-reviewed publication
Juin 2018

This paper examines the differences in agricultural water application per crop ton output in semi-arid jurisdictions in the Jordan Basin, focusing on Israel and Jordan, with some analysis relevant to Palestine. In order to understand differences in water application, it delivers a nationally…

Institutional & promotional materials
Mars 2018

informe sobre los hallazgo del “Diálogo sobre Directrices Voluntarias sobre la Gobernanza responsable de la Tenencia de la Tierra, la Pesca y los Bosques” sostenido en la ciudad Panama, Panama, 27 - 29 de noviembre 2017.

Reports & Research
Novembre 2016

Meeting Name: European Forestry Commission
Meeting symbol/code: ECE/TIM/2015/2 - FO/EFC/15/2
Session: Sess. 38 - Sess.73

Policy Papers & Briefs
Novembre 2015

Israel became an FAO member in 1949, and has provided highly valuable expertise to FAO and its member countries. In addition to offering technical assistance to FAO projects on capacity development for pest and pesticide management, Israel’s agency for International Development regularly holds…

Journal Articles & Books
Novembre 2015

El presente documento es la segunda actualización del informe original de la FAO sobre este tema. Ofrece información sobre la contribución del sector forestal a las economías nacionales a nivel mundial, regional y nacional. Este estudio ofrece la situación y las tendencias en la contribución del…

Journal Articles & Books
Novembre 2014

This paper is the second update of FAO’s original report on this topic. It presents information about the contribution of the forestry sector to national economies at the global, regional and country levels. The study presents the status and trends of the forestry sector’s contribution (total…

Other legal document
Août 2014

IDMC was one of 44 Palestinian, Israeli, and international organizations calling on world leaders to stop Israeli plans to forcibly transfer thousands of Palestinian Bedouins out of their communities in the central part of the occupied West Bank and into a designated township.

Through a…

Peer-reviewed publication
Juin 2014

The emergence of GIS and the availability of high resolution geographic data have improved our ability to investigate the residential segregation in cities and to identify the temporal changes of the spatial phenomena. Using GIS, we have quantitatively and visually analyzed the correspondence…

Reports & Research
Janvier 2014

A new report by IDMC and Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) offers the most comprehensive analysis to date on Israel's lethal enforcement of Access-Restricted Areas - (ARA) - live-fire zones imposed by the Israeli military forces on large swathes of the Gaza Strip.