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février 2017
Afrique occidentale

Pour qu'un barrage contribue avec succès au développement durable de la société, les populations locales doivent également en bénéficier.

Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2016
Afrique occidentale
Afrique sub-saharienne

Improving women’s access to land is high on the agricultural policy agenda of both governmental and non-governmental agencies. Yet, the determinants and rationale of gendered access to land are not well understood. This paper argues that gender relations are more than the outcomes of negotiations within households.

Articles et Livres
décembre 2016
Afrique occidentale

The response of West African climate zones to anthropogenic climate change during the late 21st century is investigated using the revised Thornthwaite climate classification applied to ensembles of CMIP5, CORDEX, and higher-resolution RegCM4 experiments (HIRES). The ensembles reproduce fairly well the observed climate zones, although with some notable discrepancies.

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