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Bibliothèque Customary Land in Zambia

Customary Land in Zambia

Customary Land in Zambia
What is its Significance?
Customary land in Zambia

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Janvier 2009
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The study has established that customary land in Zambia is enormously significant because land is central to human existence and a large proportion of Zambians depend on it for their livelihood. Customary land in Zambia is the source of food and other necessaries for human existence for the villagers whose entire spectrum of perceptions of life are rooted in the cultural configurations and heritage of rural activities. Further, the study has found that the land can be made more productive without converting it to leasehold. Other African countries too recognise and uphold the signficance of customary land because it prevents landlessness of their citizenry. 

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Sam K. Kalungia

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