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décembre 2015
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viii, 71
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This study explores the reasons behind the government’s exclusion of many Phnom Penh urban poor communities (UPCs) from the Systematic Land Registration (SLR) process, and the impact of this on affected households, particularly women and children. The study was conducted in 12 UPCs that had been excluded from the SLR process in six khans where SLR had been completed or was well under way. Data collection methods included interviews with 60 households from excluded UPCs, as well as village chiefs, community representatives, government officials, and NGO members. Analyses consisted of both quantitative and qualitative approaches and explored the reasons behind the exclusion and the socioeconomic impact of exclusion on UPC households.

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Chenda Keo
Bouhours, Thierry; Bouhours, Brigitte; Sao Vicheka


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