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décembre 1995
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All land in Zambia is vested in the president, in trust for the people of Zambia, under the Land (Conversion of Titles) Act, 1975 (see p.16), SECTION4.The president has delegated landadministration to the Commissioner of Lands under Statutory Instrument No. 7 of 1964 and GazetteNotice No. 1345 of 1975, as amended. Land in Zambia is divided into State (formerly crown),Reserve, and Trust Lands, as well as park reserves.
The Commissioner of Lands administers the State Land, appropriated by the colonial powerfor settlement of whites. The commissioner allocates this land as farms and agricultural smallholdings,and as stands for buildings and other uses, all under leasehold. There is also a state-farm andparastatal sector. The entire State Land amounts to less than 6 percent of the total land area ofZambia, but it is relatively good-quality land, advantageously located near the rail lines. All land inmunicipalities is also State Land. The larger municipalities now administer land independently underthe Housing (Statutory and Improvement Areas) Act, 1976, i.e., statutory land and housing land.

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John Bruce,
Fortune Kachamba,
Michelo Hansungule




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