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This Law aims at transforming the system of public landownership into private property ownership. It is structured as follows: Chapter 1 (General provisions). Article 1 provides that the right of ownership shall be restored either by restitution of the actual property or through financial compensation. Article 2 lists the categories of citizens eligible for such restoration. Article 3 lists the types of property included in the reform: agricultural land, forests, economic and commercial structures, residential houses together with their equipment; Chapter 2 spells out the conditions and procedures for restoration of the various types of property listed in article 3, including documents valid as proof of ownership and petition claims; Chapter 3 provides for cases in which the State has the right to buy out real property (strategic, transport, essential recreational areas, mineral deposits, research, nature reserves, waste disposal sites, inter alia); Chapter 4 regulates the buying out of existing real property; Chapter 5 spells out the procedure of consideration by the relevant authorities (central and local) of land petition claims; Chapter 6 contains final provisions.

Repealed by: Law on the restoration of the rights of ownership of citizens to the existing Real Property (No. VIII-359). (1997-07-01)

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