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Bibliothèque Vienna Geo-Data Infrastructure Law.

Vienna Geo-Data Infrastructure Law.

Vienna Geo-Data Infrastructure Law.
Gesetz zur Schaffung einer umweltrelevanten Geodateninfrastruktur in Wien (Wiener Geodateninfrastrukturgesetz – WGeoDIG).

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The purpose of the present Law is to lay down rules aimed at the establishment of the infrastructure for spatial information in Vienna and its surroundings with a view to environmental policies and activities which may have an impact on the environment. The text consists of 17 articles divided into 7 Parts as follows: General provisions (1); Metadata, spatial data sets and spatial data services (2); Network services (3); Use of spatial data and spatial data services by competent authorities (4); Coordination and monitoring (5); Legal protection (6); Final provisions (7). Two Annexes are enclosed.

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