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The principal objectives of Property NSW in exercising its functions are as follows: a) to improve operational efficiencies in the use of properties of government agencies, particularly generic properties; b) to manage properties of government agencies in a way that supports the service delivery functions of those agencies; c) to provide advice and support within government on property matters; d) to operate at least as efficiently as any comparable business, consistently with the principles of ecologically sustainable development and social responsibility for the community (including the indigenous community). The principal functions of Property NSW are as follows: a) to hold, manage, maintain, acquire or dispose of property for the government and government agencies; b) to carry out, manage, co-ordinate or participate in the development of the property of government agencies (including property of Property NSW); c) to arrange, where appropriate, for the sharing of facilities and premises by government agencies to reduce operational expenses; d) to provide services or do other things for the management, maintenance or improvement of property of government agencies (including property of Property NSW); e) to provide advice to the Minister in relation to properties of government agencies and, in particular, as to whether those properties are being efficiently utilised; f) to provide advice to the Minister on the transfer of properties to Property NSW and on budgetary measures relating to the properties of government agencies; g) to provide advice to the Minister on such matters relating to the properties of government agencies (including the property of Property NSW) as the Minister directs.

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