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décembre 2017
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Article 7 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Article 7. Management, use and disposal of state land by trust. The subjects of the state trust in land trust (trustees) are: (a) National Land Service of the entire public land of the Republic of Lithuania, except for land that has been transferred to other entities under this and other laws in the manner prescribed by law; (b) municipality – of the public land parcels transferred to the municipalities by the right of trust in the manner prescribed by the Government for the purposes specified in paragraph 2 of this article, as well as state forest parcels transferred to the municipalities by the right of trust by the Government resolutions in accordance with the procedure and conditions established in Paragraphs 3, 5 and 6 of this Article; (c) centralized management of state property - when public land is classified as state property controlled by a trustee of centralized management of a state property manager when state land is assigned to the state or municipality as a result of sale of land by the state pursuant to the law, or if state land is required for implementation of important economic projects of which the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania or the Government has recognized the public importance by its decision and whose management the Parliament or the Government entrusted to the centralized manager of state property; (d) the state-owned enterprise State Land Fund - public land parcels, the territory of the land consolidation project in accordance with the procedure established by this Law, with the exception of the state-owned land plots transferred to other public land trustees, as well as private land plots purchased by the state in ownership required for the implementation of measures financed from the state budget and financed by the European Union funds, which improve the structures of the land holdings and reduce the abandoned land, administered by the State Land Fund; (e) other entities specified in paragraph 3 of this article; and (f) other statutory subjects. 2. Public land plots are transferred to municipalities by the right of trust in accordance with the procedure established by the Government in accordance with the decision of the Head of the National Land Service , in agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania, for the following purposes: (a) recreation for public use; (b) recreational facilities for public use; (c) for streets and local roads; (d) for the construction and/or commissioning of utility networks; (e) for the construction and (or) exploitation of residential buildings; and (f) for commercial activities.”

Amends: Law on land (No. 1-446). (1994-04-26)

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