Contribution of forests and forestry in Finland to mitigate greenhouse effect. COST E21 Workshop. Contribution of forests and forestry to mitigate greenhouse effects. Joensuu (Finland). 28-30 Sep 2000 | Land Portal | Sécurisation des droits fonciers à travers les données ouvertes

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décembre 2000
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Ministry of the Environment is coordinating matters related to the unitéd Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change. National reporting of greenhouse gas inventories for land-use change and forestry category utilises forest inventory results with appropriate studies on biomass allocation and wood properties as well as national wood consumption statistics allowing to use country-specific values instead of overall default values provided in the Intergovernemental Panel on Climatic Change guidelines. Several studies assessing carbon pools and fluxes, as well as impacts of forest management on carbon stocks and fluxes have been carried out in several research organisations. Further studies, especially experimental work, on the impacts of different forest management practices on forest carbon stocks and fluxes are needed. This paper provides also some views of the possible Finnish contribution to COST E21 action as well as expectations from the action.

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Karjalainen,T. Maekipaeae R.

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