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The Rights and Resources Initiative is a strategic coalition of international, regional and community organizations engaged in development, research and conservation. Together, we are working to encourage greater global commitment and action on pro-poor tenure, policy and market reforms.

The RRI coalition is formed by a group of core Partners who conduct work in specific areas of their regional and thematic expertise. Partners also engage with a wide group of collaborators who participate in and support RRI activities around the world. RRI is a strategic coalition that goes beyond the traditional set of international development actors to involve a wide spectrum of organizations, each of which provides a critical perspective in the larger chain of actors necessary to advance change.

Our Mission

RRI’s Mission is to support local communities’ and indigenous peoples’ struggles against poverty and marginalization by promoting greater global commitment and action towards policy, market and legal reforms that secure their rights to own, control and benefit from natural resources, especially land and forests.

Global Challenge, a Global Opportunity

Forests cover close to 30 percent of the world's land area, and more than a billion people rely on forests to a significant extent for their food, fuel and income.

An estimated 350 million indigenous and tribal peoples are at least partly dependent on forests, including some 60 million who are substantially dependent on forests for their subsistence and livelihoods. Forests are also particularly important to poor women, who shoulder much of the burden for hauling wood and collecting and marketing forest products.

Dominant models of forest industry and conservation have often exacerbated poverty and social conflicts and have precluded pro-poor economic growth. The lack of clear rights to own and use forest land, develop enterprises, and trade in forest products has driven millions of forest dwellers to poverty and encouraged widespread illegal logging and forest loss.

The world will not meet national and global goals to reduce poverty and protect the environment unless poor peoples' rights to land and resources are strengthened. Neither will the world effectively mitigate or adapt to climate change without clarifying local tenure and governance. The next two decades are critical--both for the poor and for the forests.

There are reasons for optimism. Organizations of indigenous peoples and forest-dwelling communities are gaining voice and opportunity, and after decades of limited action many countries are beginning to consider far-reaching legal and policy reforms. There is a major opportunity to advance the rights and livelihoods of forest peoples by establishing the institutional foundations for sustained conservation and forest-based economic development.

Rights and Resources Initiative Resources

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Rapport de synthèse pour un Dialogue sur l'avenir du climat

Rapports et recherches
février, 2024
Afrique, Amériques, Asie, Europe, Océanie

Le 17 septembre 2023, plus de 70 représentants des titulaires de droits et leurs alliés se sont réunis pour un dialogue mondial sur la façon dont le financement climatique peut ou doit soutenir leur vision de l’avenir dans un monde affecté par le changement climatique.

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Estado mundial y reconocimiento de los derechos a la tierra de los Pueblos Indígenas, Afrodescendientes y comunidades locales de 2015 a 2020

Rapports et recherches
décembre, 2023


¿Quiénes poseen la tierra del mundo?

Estado mundial y reconocimiento de los derechos a la tierra de los Pueblos Indígenas, Afrodescendientes y comunidades locales de 2015 a 2020

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Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
octobre, 2023
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Los días 6 y 7 de septiembre de 2023, un grupo de 18 jóvenes líderes Indígenas, Afrodescendientes y de comunidades locales de organizaciones de la Coalición de RRI se reunieron por primera vez en Bogotá, Colombia

Los jóvenes líderes, procedentes de 10 países de América Latina, comparten un objetivo en común: defender las tierras ancestrales y los derechos territoriales de sus pueblos y comunidades, para la gestión sostenible de estos territorios y la protección de sus ecosistemas.  

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importancia mundial de los territorios comunitarios
Rapports et recherches
octobre, 2021

Esta investigación nos recuerda oportunamente la importancia mundial de las tierras y territorios comunitarios; su importancia para la protección, la restauración y el uso sostenible de los bosques tropicales en todo el mundo; así como las graves brechas presentes en la arquitectura internacional del desarrollo que hasta ahora han socavado el progreso hacia el reconocimiento legal de dichas tierras y territorios.

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Rapports et recherches
août, 2021
Afrique, Amériques, Inde

Cette étude examine l’état de la reconnaissance juridique des droits des peuples autochtones, des communautés locales et des peuples afro-descendants sur le carbone présent sur leurs terres et territoires dans 31 pays d’Afrique, d’Asie et d’Amérique latine.

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