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Community Organizations Centre for Poverty Analysis
Centre for Poverty Analysis
Centre for Poverty Analysis
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(+94) 112 503 009


Colombo 05
Sri Lanka
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CEPA is an independent, Sri Lankan think-tank promoting a better understanding of poverty-related development issues. CEPA believes that poverty is an injustice that should be overcome and that overcoming poverty involves changing policies and practices nationally and internationally, as well as working with people in poverty. CEPA strives to contribute to influencing poverty-related development policy, at national, regional, sectoral, programme and project levels.



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Urban Poverty and Environment Programme : Colombo; monitoring and evaluation component; monitoring findings as of December 2008 – April 2009; outcome mapping no. 2

Reports & Research
Décembre, 2009
Sri Lanka
Southern Asia

This paper presents data collection for a component of the project related to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plan and its indicators. It focuses on strengthening community participation via the Community Development Committee (CDC). As the implementation activities of the Focus Cities (FC) project have maximised, the work load and pressures of responsibility on the CDC members has increased.