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Community Organizations Global Water Initiative - East Africa
Global Water Initiative - East Africa
Global Water Initiative - East Africa
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La GWI en Afrique de l'Ouest est mise en œuvre par un co

GWI in East Africa is led by CARE International. By working in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda – and more widely across East Africa – GWI in East Africa focuses on developing evidence that highlights solutions to the challenges of water management and use in smallholder agriculture.

East Africa is a dynamic and rapidly changing region with huge natural and human resources and great innovation potential. Smallholder agricultural systems remain a key economic driver, providing between 60-90 percent of food production in different countries and the bulk of employment across the region. The World Bank estimates that growth in the agricultural sector is four times more effective in reducing poverty than GDP growth in other sectors. Strengthening the efficiency and productivity of smallholder systems, and building greater resilience in the face of a range of external stressors including increasing climate variability, is of critical importance to the region’s development and future economic growth.

We believe that the food security situation in East Africa can be enhanced through improved information flow at different levels and increased pressure on policymakers from both insiders and outsiders.  The result will be smart investments in water for agriculture for smallholders, especially for women farmers.



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