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Empowering civil society and communities through open land data
14 Junho 2022

Land Portal Foundation
26 Abril 2022

Como agentes da sociedade civil podem garantir a inclusão em seu trabalho de governança da terra com as comunidades?


Terça-feira, 26 de abril, 2022 
10:00-11:30 CEST | 15:00-16:30 JAKARTA


Rolling back social and environmental safeguards in the name of COVID-19
18 Fevereiro 2021

Quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro,​ 2021, 12:00-13:30 Horário Brasil (16:00-17:30 Angola - 17:00 - 18:30 Moçambique)

Forest Peoples Programme
Land Portal Foundation
The Tenure Facility


International Association for the Study of the Commons

The IASC is the leading professional association dedicated to the commons. The association, founded in 1989, is devoted to bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for the purpose of improving governance and management, advancing understanding, and creating sustainable solutions for commons, common-pool resources, or any other form of shared resource.

The IASC aims to:

LandMark (LMM)

LandMark is a dynamic, online mapping platform that provides critical information on the collective land and natural resource rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities around the world. The global platform supports local livelihoods and well-being by increasing the visibility of indigenous and community lands and presenting crucial information on the state of land rights.


Excellent administration and management of land for sustainable development



To implement an efficient land administration and management system in order to ensure equity in access to land



  • Efficiency
  • Transparency and Accountability

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