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The IASC is the leading professional association dedicated to the commons. The association, founded in 1989, is devoted to bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for the purpose of improving governance and management, advancing understanding, and creating sustainable solutions for commons, common-pool resources, or any other form of shared resource.

The IASC aims to:

– encourage exchange of knowledge among diverse disciplines, areas, and resource types
– foster mutual exchange of scholarship and practical experience
– promote appropriate institutional design

International Association for the Study of the Commons Resources

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Library Resource
Conflict and mediation in high altitude rangeland property rights in Bhutan
Conference Papers & Reports
July, 2017

Semi-nomadic yak herders of Bhutan depend on high altitude rangelands and yaks for their livelihoods. Conflicts over high altitude rangelands among herders can lead to sub-optimal management with negative impacts on the environment, livelihoods and socio-economic well-being of semi-nomadic yak herders.

Library Resource
Land Rights, Mining and Resistance: New Struggles on Mongolia’s Pastoral Commons
Conference Papers & Reports
July, 2008

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and agricultural decollectivisation, post-socialist rural contexts have afforded commons scholars particularly fertile ground for examination of institutional change and evolution under new modes of governance. In Mongolia, as elsewhere, such transformations have been characterised by the erosion of state influence and de jure and/or de facto devolution of land and resource rights.

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