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Cartografia do uso da terra

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10 Maio 2020 to 14 Maio 2020


RAI Amsterdam
Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, FIG Working Week 2020 has been cancelled. However, the programme, all abstracts and both peer review and regular papers have been published in the FIG 2020 Working Week website. There might be some online webinars/meetings, which will be informed in the event website.

International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)
Kadaster International
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
Geo-Informatie Nederland




ITC is the University of Twente’s Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation.

Our mission is to develop capacity, particularly in less developed countries, and to utilize geospatial solutions to deal with national and global problems.

Our vision is that spatial solutions will play an increasingly important role in meeting many of mankind’s complex challenges (often wicked problems), such as climate change, population growth, and related claims for sufficient and secure food, water, energy, health, land and housing provision.

Geo-Informatie Nederland logo

GIN is an interactive meeting place and is an open knowledge network for everyone who is professionally involved with geographic information. GIN organizes activities and encourages and facilitates sharing and transferring knowledge of its members in development of all members and to strengthen the position of the field of geo-information in society.

The subsequent strategic goals are:

• Creating an accessible and connected network within geo-users
• to provide an interactive knowledge platform
• increasing the relevance geo-information in the ‘outside world’

Land Conflict Watch

Land Conflict Watch is a research-based data journalism project that maps, collects, and analyses ongoing land conflicts in India. It not only presents a macro picture at the national level but also zooms in to give details of each conflict at the micro level.


To facilitate efficient land administration and management, acess to adequate and affordable housing, social and physical infrastructure for national development


To be a globally competitive organization in sustainable management of Land and built environment

  • Vision
    • To be a top rated University of technology


    • To provide technological education and training and to contribute towards the advancement of society through research and innovation 


    • Education and training for the real world



Our Vision is to be a world-class university committed to scholarly excellence.

Our Mission is to provide quality university education and training and to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge.

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Marcos Amend
26 Fevereiro 2019
América do Sul
É a primeira vez que uma plataforma permite comparações sistemáticas entre a situação das diferentes terras e, ao mesmo tempo, fornece um conjunto objetivo de informações sobre esses territórios. A meta é que este sistema possa, em breve, ser aplicado a TIs em todo o Brasil.
2 Outubro 2018
João Loução, diretor de projeto e técnico do SNC, um consórcio luso-timorense que está a efetuar o registo cadastral de terras e propriedades em Timor-Leste, explicou hoje que o processo de registo de disputas é essencial.
21 Abril 2017

O Presidente guineense, José Mário Vaz, avisou hoje que deu ordens ao ministro da Agricultura para expropriar campos agrícolas às pessoas que não os querem trabalhar e dá-los a quem os cultive.