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Those who works on or operates a farm.

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Agosto 2012

Eighty percent of Kenya is arid and
semi-arid land; yet despite chronic water scarcity, the
country has developed only 15 percent of its available safe
water resources. Demand for water is expected to rise, owing
to population increases and growing requirements for

Agosto 2012

A watershed is an area that supplies
water by surface or subsurface flow to a drainage system or
body of water. Watersheds vary from a few hectares to
thousands of square kilometers. Watershed management (WSM)
is the integrated use of land, vegetation, and water in a

Agosto 2012
Norte de África
Sudoeste Asiático

Most of the Middle East and North Africa
(MENA) cannot meet current water demand. Many countries face
full-blown crises, and the situation is likely to get even
worse. Estimates show that per capita water availability
will be cut in half by 2050, with serious consequences for

Agosto 2012

Countries in transition from centrally
planned to market economies face several challenges when
planning investments. These include a lack of information
about beneficiary groups, particularly those in rural areas;
and the collapse of institutions maintained by the state

Agosto 2012

This social assessment (SA) is part of
the Sanliurfa and Harran On-farm Development Project in
Turkey, and aims at identifying an appropriate mix of
project inputs to reduce poverty. The objectives of the SA
are to understand the impact of rapid agricultural

Agosto 2012

India's Uttar Pradesh Sodic Lands
Reclamation Project has two objectives. First, it seeks to
reverse the decline of productivity through sustainable
reclamation of sodic lands. Second, it is intended to
prevent additional increases in sodicity through

Agosto 2012

Irrigation is crucial to China's
agricultural productivity. This report reviews the history
of water irrigation in China. It examines the first Bank
supported water project to propose both physical
rehabilitation and management reform. Local and

Agosto 2012

As in other societies in Southeast Asia
and the Pacific, customary social organization features
strongly in rural Timor-Leste. As well as providing avenues
for conflict resolution, the influence of customary systems
extends to land tenure. As the state, development partners,

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André Catueira / Lusa
2 Setembro 2020
África subsariana

Recentemente o município de Chimoio introduziu a iniciativa “uma família, uma horta” que visa incentivar aos moradores locais a produzirem hortícolas para seu consumo e auto-sustento.

REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko
13 Agosto 2020
África subsariana
A disputa de terras na zona do Patriota, em Luanda, onde estão a ser construídas residências luxuosas, ganha novos contornos. A polícia angolana está a tentar expulsar os agricultores do local. Litígio tem quase 20 anos.
22 Junho 2020
Um grupo britânico de parlamentares elaborou um relatório, alertando que o massacre de cristãos na Nigéria está seguindo o curso de um genocídio.