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Those who works on or operates a farm.

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Exibindo 1461 - 1470 de 2621
Agosto 2012

The Andean region of Puno, known as the
altiplano, is located at 3,830 meters above sea level. The
terrain is prone to flooding, and thus difficult to
cultivate. In order to deal with this situation, Andean
indigenous populations displaced huge amounts of soil in

Agosto 2012

Despite the large potential of the
agricultural sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
production is still limited by a lack of technical knowledge
and, in many cases, an unwillingness to change agricultural
practices inherited from Soviet times. The problem has more

Agosto 2012

Over 70 percent of the farm workers in
Tajikistan are women. Most face difficult working conditions
and are paid in agricultural outputs such as oil, rather
than in cash. When the South Tajikistan Cotton Lending
Project started in early 2007, IFC and its donor, the

Agosto 2012

Smallholder banana farmers are beginning
to understand that their old farming methods are
contributing to the planet's drying up or suffocating
in fields of garbage. They are convinced that they have to
change their ways for the good of their farms, their

Agosto 2012

Ensuring food security under changing
climate conditions is one of the major challenges of our
era. Agriculture must not only become increasingly
productive, but must also adapt to climate change while
reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Soil carbon

Agosto 2012

Brazil has developed a community-led,
market-based approach to land reform in which poor rural
laborers and farmers, either landless or with insufficient
land for subsistence, form beneficiary associations through
which to obtain financing to buy agricultural properties,

Agosto 2012

With a population of seven million,
Honduras is the second most populous country in Central
America. It is also the second poorest country in the region
with an annual per capita income of less than US$ 1,000. Two
out of every three people in Honduras are poor (per capita

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25 Setembro 2020
África subsariana
O Governo zimbabweano está a elaborar um plano para possibilitar a devolução, a milhares de fazendeiros brancos, das terras que lhes foram violentamente retiradas entre 2000 e 2001, noticiou, ontem, a BBC.
André Catueira / Lusa
2 Setembro 2020
África subsariana

Recentemente o município de Chimoio introduziu a iniciativa “uma família, uma horta” que visa incentivar aos moradores locais a produzirem hortícolas para seu consumo e auto-sustento.

REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko
13 Agosto 2020
África subsariana
A disputa de terras na zona do Patriota, em Luanda, onde estão a ser construídas residências luxuosas, ganha novos contornos. A polícia angolana está a tentar expulsar os agricultores do local. Litígio tem quase 20 anos.