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Those who works on or operates a farm.

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Agosto 2012

Irrigation is crucial to China's
agricultural productivity. This report reviews the history
of water irrigation in China. It examines the first Bank
supported water project to propose both physical
rehabilitation and management reform. Local and

Agosto 2012

As in other societies in Southeast Asia
and the Pacific, customary social organization features
strongly in rural Timor-Leste. As well as providing avenues
for conflict resolution, the influence of customary systems
extends to land tenure. As the state, development partners,

Agosto 2012

This study researched Indigenous
Knowledge Systems (IKS) in agriculture in Zimbabwe's
rural areas, focusing on crop farming in the Tonga of Binga
District in Matebeleland's North Province, and
livestock in the Kalanga tribe of the Plumtree District in

Agosto 2012

The note aims to prompt policy makers,
and development managers to reassess, and give more weight
to neglected production, and consumption of traditional
vegetables, so as to enhance nutrition, income generation,
and food security for small scale households. Though the

Agosto 2012

Jatropha curcas is a plant of Latin
American origin, now widespread through arid, and semiarid
tropical regions of the world. It is a drought-resistant
perennial, that grows on marginal soils, and, as a close
relative to the castor plant, its oil has the same medical

Agosto 2012

This article intends to summarize
findings from a study carried out by the author between the
winter of 1995 and spring of 1996 among the Buems on the
Ghana side of the Ghana-Togo border. The objective in this
paper is to identify and discuss the main philosophical

Agosto 2012
Burkina Faso

More than 90 percent of the population
in the Sahel lives on agriculture. The fact that crop
production has not kept up with population growth during the
last two decades is attributed to land degradation and
productivity decline resulting in increased levels of rural

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25 Setembro 2020
África subsariana
O Governo zimbabweano está a elaborar um plano para possibilitar a devolução, a milhares de fazendeiros brancos, das terras que lhes foram violentamente retiradas entre 2000 e 2001, noticiou, ontem, a BBC.
André Catueira / Lusa
2 Setembro 2020
África subsariana

Recentemente o município de Chimoio introduziu a iniciativa “uma família, uma horta” que visa incentivar aos moradores locais a produzirem hortícolas para seu consumo e auto-sustento.

REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko
13 Agosto 2020
África subsariana
A disputa de terras na zona do Patriota, em Luanda, onde estão a ser construídas residências luxuosas, ganha novos contornos. A polícia angolana está a tentar expulsar os agricultores do local. Litígio tem quase 20 anos.