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The Land Portal advocates for more and better open land data, but more and better have never been our end objectives. Data must be used; it needs a purpose. One of the ways we practice what we preach is through our data stories. 

The Land Portal regularly produces data stories on a wide range of topics. Last week we published one about a cash crop produced in every continent except Antarctica. Earlier this year, we produced a data story about the lingering impacts of colonial and apartheid land dispossession in South Africa. 

At its core, data is raw material, ready to be used, but not necessarily useful. Stories help to bring data to life. Land Portal’s data stories present data amid contextualized information and knowledge. Using ArcGIS technology, they incorporate history, research, charts, and the most fun of all, customized interactive maps.

Deforestation in Cambodia: A story of land concessions, migration and resource exploitation

How satellites can locate potential land grabs in Africa

Communities, Carbon and the Climate Crisis

Soon the Land Portal will host a webinar all about data stories. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out some other recent data stories. 

► How satellites can locate potential land grabs in Africa 

 What are the drivers of deforestation in Cambodia?

 The communities protecting the most biodiverse landscapes in the world 




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