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International Online Conference on Climate Change and Agrarian Justice – with IDS Fellow Ian Scoones

Dates: 26-29 September 2022 Time: 13.00 – 15.30 CAT/ CET each day

The way agrarian struggles connect with the huge challenge of climate change is a vital focus for both thinking and action. Climate change is inextricably entwined with capitalism, but how the relationship between capitalism and climate change plays out in the rural world requires deeper analysis. In a recently-published essay, ‘Climate change and agrarian struggles’, members of the Journal of Peasant Studies editorial collective lay out a preliminary agenda for future work linking climate change to critical agrarian studies. From across a spectrum of scholarly and activist engagements, and in the lead-up to COP27, we seek contributions that speak to how we can build an anti-capitalist, trans-environmental and agrarian approach to confront climate change in rural settings. The conference programme is designed to foster dialogue and interaction across a spectrum of scholar and activist communities. We are making every effort to secure simultaneous translation for Spanish, French and Chinese, for plenary sessions only. Language interpretation will be confirmed later.

The full conference progamme is now available here.

To attend the conference please complete your registration by September 24.

Conference papers are accessible via Google Drive

A wide variety of articles from the Journal of Peasant Studies are available open access from 20 Sept - 31 October 2022

Pamela McElwee (2022): Advocating afforestation, betting on BECCS: land- based negative emissions technologies (NETs) and agrarian livelihoods in the global South, The Journal of Peasant Studies, DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2022.2117032

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