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The IATI Community Events comprises its Members' Assembly and the Community Exchange.

IATI’s Members’ Assembly (MA) is a recurrent annual event that brings together all IATI member organizations (do note that the MA is only open to IATI members). Before the actual MA (24 April - 09:00-17:00) there are several constituency-based meetings (caucuses), which will be hosted on 23 April (13:30-15:30). The main objectives of the MA are:

  • To discuss and approve recommendations by the Governing Board on strategic direction and oversight of the Strategic Plan thereby ensuring that IATI continues to support its members in meeting their global transparency commitments.
  • To support a wide range of stakeholders within the development cooperation architecture and ensure that the IATI Standard continues to evolve to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.
  • To ensure that IATI meets the needs of key users of information, in particular partner countries and civil society; 
  • To ensure that IATI builds on and adds value to existing national and global systems and standards that seek to improve the transparency of resources available for development.

The Community Exchange is a hybrid networking event to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue between different actors of the wider IATI Community. Everyone with an interest in transparency and open data is invited to join or (co-)host sessions. The Community Exchange will take place on 25-26 April. The main objectives are: 

  • To raise the profile of IATI within the international development and open data communities, demonstrating the key role of development cooperation data for the achievement of better development outcomes, national priorities, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  
  • To share learning based on practical experiences, which fosters a better understanding of applying modern technologies and resolving aid transparency-related challenges.
  • To facilitate dialogue between different actors and stakeholder groups within the IATI community, encompassing technical and policy experts, and open data and transparency advocates and organizations.
  • To provide space for different Communities of Practice to meet amongst themselves as a culmination of the first year of their work. 
  • To strengthen and expand the network of IATI partners and stakeholder organizations. 

The programme of the Community Exchange is available here: https://iaticommunityexchange2024.sched.com/. 


Land Portal in this event

On 26 April the Land Portal will present a session on the recently revamped Land Projects Database, which includes information about +3,800 development projects with land governance objectives. Most of these projects were retrieved from the IATI Datastore. The presentation will focus on the methodology applied to harvest and curate the data, as well as the results in terms of donor funding for land governance priorities worldwide by briefly analysing the updated dataset.


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