The Role Of Open Data And Digital Technology In Property Management In The Developing World. The Case Of Rwanda. | Land Portal

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Janeiro 2022
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The study examined the role of open data and digital technology in property management in urban and rural land in Rwanda in order to increase land tenure security and minimize land related problems.Methodology:Open and closed questions were developed and addressed to the community and local administrative authorities to provide views on how open data and digital technology can facilitate property management for sustainable land administration. Interviews on socio-demographics were carried out to get an understanding on the role of open data and digital transformation and their trickle-down effects on property management. Respondents comprised 54% with university education while the rest hold non-university education. In terms of gender, 60% of the respondents were women while 40% were men.Results have shown that land administration systems and change in land policy to record, manage and store land information has addressed the question of land conflict in the country as opposed to the customary land tenure security which existed before 1994 when land administration system was instituted in the country. The system has solved about 87% of the land associated problems and it has contributed on land tenure security. In addition, the technology has created 10,000 jobs to graduates; lowering down poverty level which is currently stands at USD 1.90 per day. Through the application of land administration system, the government has collected beyond 70% of property taxes compared to customary land tenure management system which was adopted before 1990’s.Lack of open data systems in property management particularly land related conflicts, financial capacity, experts and community empowerment remain obstacles.Results:The paper concludes that open data and digital technology in property management have substantially yielded positive results in the country despite the challenges which still exist. In order to make more improvements, the study recommends on the: (1) creation of open land data and information management system to facilitate navigation of land data and related information for easy accessibility by all land users; (2) use of emerging digital technologies to collect and store land data for future development projects; (3) community empowerments in terms of technical skills to manage the use of new technologies and open land data systems to minimize land problems.Keywords:   Open Data, Digital Technology, Urban Land and Property Management, Rwanda.

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David MIHGO, Fredrick Bwire Magina

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