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Map of Nepal


Nepal is a country rich in geographical, ethnic and social diversity. The majority of its population is Hindu, and the country is managed by a stratified and hierarchical structure that controls access to land and natural resources.

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Fonte: Indigenous Voice

Nepal viola direitos de povos indígenas em nome da proteção ambiental, afirma relatório

9 Agosto 2021

Katmandu, 9 Ago 2021 (AFP) - Os povos indígenas do Nepal sofrem violações de seus direitos humanos, que incluem torturas e assassinatos, em nome das políticas ambientais, afirmaram nesta segunda-feira (9) em um relatório conjunto a Anistia Internacional (AI) e uma organização local.  Quase um…



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History of land rights movement in Nepal

26 Dezembro 2020

  Article written by Radha Krishna Khadka for Online Khabar, originally posted at: Photo: A rally organised in Surkhet district headquarters Birendranagar demanding establishment Organised Settlement Commission on…

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Women’s struggle for land in South Asia: Can legal reforms trump social norms? WIDER Annual Lecture 25

A century has passed since women in Undivided India, now divided into several countries of South Asia, demanded equal rights in property — especially land, the most important means of production in developing economies. The struggle continued after Independence. Today, the resultant legal reforms…