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Map of Nepal


Nepal is a small landlocked country situated between India and China. In recent years, two events have had a major impact on land issues in Nepal. Firstly, the 1996-2006 conflict to overthrow the monarchy and establish a Peoples’ Republic. Amongst other impacts, the war displaced hundreds of thousands of people, resulted in the outmigration of many young people and the country's new governance structure as of 2006, organised into seven provinces under a federalist structure of governance. Secondly, two severe earthquakes in 2015 which killed 8,700 people, injured 25,000, destroyed half a million homes, and left a further 265,000 houses temporarily uninhabitable.

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Népal. Les populations autochtones sont les victimes silencieuses de la belle réussite en matière de préservation de la nature

7 Août 2021

Les populations autochtones au Népal subissent depuis les 50 dernières années une longue série de violations des droits humains du fait de politiques de préservation violentes, déclarent Amnesty International et le Community Self-Reliance Centre (Centre d’autonomie communautaire, CSRC) dans un…



According to the 2011 national census 5.4 million households in total had no formal documentation for the land they occupy, or no land at all

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History of land rights movement in Nepal

26 Décembre 2020

  Article written by Radha Krishna Khadka for Online Khabar, originally posted at: Photo: A rally organised in Surkhet district headquarters Birendranagar demanding establishment Organised Settlement Commission on…

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World Bank Climate Report Launch Webinar: Strengthening Land Tenure of Indigenous People and Local Communities in FCPF Countries

-This Event has ended -   Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM (Eastern Time) Online via Zoom This session will be interpreted in French and Spanish. Description: Strengthening Indigenous Land Tenure: A Critical Pillar of Climate Action   A prominent outcome of this year’s UN Climate…