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7 Octubre 2021
Lisette Meij

There is an immense pressure on land in Uganda. The country has a rapidly growing population and is host to the world’s third largest refugee population. Particularly poor people struggle to get access to healthy food. Agriculture practices need to become more efficient and focused on the domestic market. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Uganda works to improve food security in selected areas in the country. Among several food security projects, the EKN works with the LAND-at-scale program to improve land governance.

Foto: Francisco Davis Phatterson
28 Agosto 2021
CALPI Nicaragua
América Latina y el Caribe
América central
Foto: Francisco Davis Phatterson
El Centro de Asistencia Legal a Pueblos Indígenas (CALPI) recibió la denuncia de parte de miembros del pueblo
indígena Mayangna sobre la masacre ocurrida en horas de la noche del lunes 23 de agosto de 2021 en el cerro
Kiwakumbaih, territorio Mayangna Sauni As. En la masacre resultó asesinado el joven Albert Hernández
Palacio, quien fue sepultado el 26 de agosto a medio día Musawas la capital de la Nación Mayangna, de donde
A rural homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Collart Hervé/Sygma via Getty Images
22 Junio 2021
Prof. Ben Cousins

By Ben Cousins, Emeritus Professor, Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), University of the Western Cape

* This article originally appeared in the The Conversation on 22 June 2021

Men ploughing_Photosource Pixabay CC0
6 Agosto 2021
Mr. Sean Johnson

By Sean Johnson, land administration specialist at COWI, Swaziland

* This piece was originally published as part of the online discussion on customary law in Southern Africa

Ploughing The Fields of Fall - Western Cape - South Africa_photo by Christopher Griner_FLICKR creative commons
6 Agosto 2021
Monica de Souza Louw

By Monica de Souza Louw, Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC), University of Cape Town

* This piece was originally published as part of the online discussion on customary law in Southern Africa

Foto: Carlos Herrera | Confidencial
8 Julio 2021
CALPI Nicaragua
América Latina y el Caribe
América central

Un indígena Mayagna observa una zona despalada por colonos en la Reserva de Bosawás. Foto: Carlos Herrera | Confidencial

3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum: Forum Replay
26 Mayo 2021
Asia sudoriental
Viet Nam

Summaries and selected replays from the 3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum are available below. Full replays of the plenary sessions will be posted shortly -- check back soon!

Tribal people walk with their belongings in Tarapur village, about 87 km (54 miles) south from the western Indian city of Ahmedabad July 13, 2007. REUTERS/Amit Dave (INDIA)
8 Marzo 2021
Shipra Deo

In Jharkhand, eastern India, women are not entitled to own land and accusations of witchcraft are wielded against them to silence their claims to land

When Talabitti’s husband died in 2016, her claim to the family land seemed to die with him. Though her husband had worked the family land by himself, upon his death his male cousins laid their claim. If Talabitti attempted to make a competing claim, they threatened to drive her away – with violence, if necessary. Sadly, this threat materialized.




The Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law

The Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law (Journal) is published three times annually by the students of the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. The Journal publishes articles on a wide variety of international and comparative law topics in order to provide a forum for debate on current issues affecting international legal development including international and comparative law issues and tribal/indigenous peoples law.

Asian Journal of Comparative Law

The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) is the leading forum for research and discussion of the law and legal systems of Asia. It embraces work that is theoretical, empirical, socio-legal, doctrinal or comparative that relates to one or more Asian legal systems, as well as work that compares one or more Asian legal systems with non-Asian systems. The Journal seeks articles which display an intimate knowledge of Asian legal systems, and thus provide a window into the way they work in practice.

O Centro de Integridade Pública de Moçambique, adiante designado abreviadamente CIP, é uma pessoa colectiva de direito privado, dotada de personalidade jurídica, de tipo associação sem fins lucrativos, não partidária, independente, com autonomia administrativa, financeira e patrimonial, que se rege por seus Estatutos e pela demais legislação em vigor.

El Centro de Investigación y Promoción del Campesinado (CIPCA) empezó a gestarse una tarde de octubre de 1970, bajo la iniciativa de tres jesuitas –Luís Alegre, Xavier Albó y Francisco Javier Santiago–, con el propósito de que la nueva institución pudiera ayudar a “buscar los caminos más eficaces para que los campesinos de Bolivia encuentren cauces propios para su desarrollo estructural y su integración en el país”.


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and globalized through advancements in technology, diplomacy, and other means, a publication like the Fordham International Law Journal becomes an important platform for sharing and understanding the legal issues that arise across borders and comparing them with what is occurring within our own borders. Currently in its 42nd year of publication, the Fordham International Law Journal is one of the most competitive international law periodicals in the world.


KcK addresses the problem of governments in East Africa not respecting their constitutions, which leads to gross human rights violations, marginalisation, oppression, civil strife and coups. As a think tank, KcK provides critical and up to date information to East Africans on constitutionalism, good governance and democratic development.

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