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12 Octubre 2021 to 15 Octubre 2021
América Latina y el Caribe


Este año, el Foro de la Tierra LAC se llevará a cabo del 12 al 15 de octubre y tendrá como tema medular los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) y el papel central que cumplen los derechos sobre la tierra para alcanzarlos.


International Land Coalition
Rolling back social and environmental safeguards in the name of COVID-19
18 Febrero 2021




Jueves, 18 de febrero de 2021, 10:00-11:30 AM ET (4:00-5:30 PM CET)


Únase al Forest Peoples Programme, al Tenure Facility, a la Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic y al Land Portal el jueves 18 de febrero de 2021 para un seminario web sobre el Retroceso de las salvaguardias sociales y medioambientales en nombre de la COVID-19.

Forest Peoples Programme
Land Portal Foundation
The Tenure Facility
International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Towards Self-Determination and Democratization: Where are we heading?
5 Agosto 2020 to 7 Agosto 2020



AIPP is celebrating this year's International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, 2020 by hosting a 3-day webinar from 5-7 August 2020.

On Day 2 (Thursday 6th August) there are two land-related sessions:

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
22 Septiembre 2018 to 27 Septiembre 2018


International Land Coalition





Established in 1991, AAKAR Books is a publishing company, started publishing quality scholarly books in Social Sciences in English and Hindi since 2001 and is now a niche for itself. Aakar Books is reputed for quality scholarly publishing in the field of Social Sciences.

El Centro de Investigación y Promoción del Campesinado (CIPCA) empezó a gestarse una tarde de octubre de 1970, bajo la iniciativa de tres jesuitas –Luís Alegre, Xavier Albó y Francisco Javier Santiago–, con el propósito de que la nueva institución pudiera ayudar a “buscar los caminos más eficaces para que los campesinos de Bolivia encuentren cauces propios para su desarrollo estructural y su integración en el país”.

Spread across diverse ecological and social geographies, FES works towards conservation of nature and natural resources through collective action of local communities. The crux of FES efforts lie in locating forests and other natural resources within the prevailing economic, social and ecological dynamics in rural landscapes.

Odisha is one of the federal States of the Union of India which came into existence from 1936. The Government of Odisha has number of Departments under it, like the Ministry in case of Government of India, to deal with administration and governance of the State of Odisha. As land is under the State list of the Constitution of India, Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the Government of Odisha has been mainly dealing with matters related to land.

International Association for the Study of the Commons

The IASC is the leading professional association dedicated to the commons. The association, founded in 1989, is devoted to bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for the purpose of improving governance and management, advancing understanding, and creating sustainable solutions for commons, common-pool resources, or any other form of shared resource.

The IASC aims to:

LEAP came into existence in 1988 when a group of KwaZulu-Natal land practitioners from NGOs, government and the private sector began to focus on why the communal property institutions (CPIs) set up under land reform appeared to be failing. The Legal Entity Assessment Project, as it was initially known, questioned the widely held view that the land reform communal property associations (CPAs) and trusts needed capacity building.

Maya America

Maya America/Revista Maya America is an interdisciplinary and open access journal that publishes in English and Spanish. Academic essays are double-blind peer reviewed while the creative works are peer reviewed. Authors keep full rights over their work. Although the journal takes its name from the contemporary Maya Diaspora, we also welcome essays and commentary that discuss the Americas in additional ways.

Maya America is indexed in EBSCO and the Directory of Open Access Journals.


Excellent administration and management of land for sustainable development



To implement an efficient land administration and management system in order to ensure equity in access to land


  • Efficiency
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Innivativeness
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Rule Of Law
  • Independence


The legal data collected for Nicholas Tagliarino's dissertation and posted on Land Book examines whether national expropriation, compensation, and resettlement laws in developing countries are adopting international standards designed to secure tenure rights and ensure responsible land governance. The analysis conducted for this dataset is based on Section 16 of the UN Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure, which establishes standards on expropriation, compensation, and resettlement.

The Other Media was established in 1992 as a Center for supporting people’s organisations and movements in India include providing campaigns, advocacy, communications, research, training and scientific support to and mobilising solidarity for community struggles against injustice. It also strives to bring together civil society groups on to common platforms on the basis of shared concerns for human rights, peace and justice including environmental justice.

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