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The Other Media was established in 1992 as a Center for supporting people’s organisations and movements in India include providing campaigns, advocacy, communications, research, training and scientific support to and mobilising solidarity for community struggles against injustice. It also strives to bring together civil society groups on to common platforms on the basis of shared concerns for human rights, peace and justice including environmental justice. It helps the communities to articulate their democratic spaces and demands for rights and justice through joint campaigns in public and judicial fora, and use conventional and social media to support on the ground struggles. Since the time of inception, The Other Media has focused on a spectrum of social and environmental justice issues in India. The rights of indigenous peoples, the identity-based aspirations of communities in Northeast and Kashmir, refugee crisis involving Burmese escaping Myanmar’s military junta, gender justice and religious freedom. Over time, it also served as a centre of New Delhi-based support for initiatives like the Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy, the National Fishworkers’ Forum and the Campaign for Justice in Bhopal.

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December, 2011

Access to land and land-based resources has been a critical issue for the Adivasi living in forested landscapes of Central India, including Odisha. This paper highlights poor access to land as major reasons of poverty among adivasis and recurrent conflicts in tribal regions of Odisha.

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