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Septiembre 2022
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This State of Land Information (SOLI) report is an analysis of the current state of land data in Senegal, assessing the availability of land information and the compliance of this information with open data standards. 

The momentum is increasing around international land monitoring initiatives, together with an unprecedented demand for free, accessible, and usable land data and information. The increasing digitization of information, internet usage, and growing demand for data transparency have contributed to the expansion of the land information ecosystem. However, the current reality is that land data in many parts of the world remains undocumented, or offline, inaccessible, fragmented, poorly managed, and otherwise unusable.

Land data is critical to address land governance challenges. Limited access to land data prevents the government from formulating strategies and policies for the delivery of land related services. At the same time, access to data and information can promote transparency, equity and participation, and support sustainable development.

This report’s overview of the land data ecosystem in Senegal serves as a baseline and diagnostic tool to inform conversation around land and data governance.

The report provides a scoring of how open land data is. It is meant to enable comparability across countries. Nevertheless the scoring is not meant as a performance tool, but rather a basis to identify opportunities and challenges within the land data ecosystem. 

French version of the report is available here:

For a detailed understanding of the land governance context in Senegal, check the country profile.

Autores y editores

Author(s), editor(s), contributor(s): 

Charl-Thom Bayer, Land Portal Foundation
Mercedes de los Santos, Open Data Charter
Seydi Aliou Tall, Senegal Land Information Consultant 
Labaly Toure, Université du Sine Saloum Elhadj Ibrahima Niass (USSEIN)
Editor: Lilian Lee 

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