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Map of Senegal


Senegal is unique in that it is the westernmost point of the African continent, located at the tip of the Almadies in Dakar, the country's capital. Both in urban and rural areas, land in this small country is highly coveted by domestic and foreign actors with diverse, even incompatible objectives. In addition to the demand for family and industrial agriculture, pastoralism, mining, infrastructure, tourism and housing, the pressure on land is amplified by population growth and soil degradation.
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Constructing an Open Data Network in Senegal: Land Portal and Open Data Charter Publish State of Land Information Report

27 September 2022

Read the report in English Lire le rapport en français  27 September 2022 -- The Land Portal Foundation and Open Data Charter are launching the State of Land Information in Senegal report, a first step in uncovering both the great diversity and myriad gaps in land data and information. Building on…

Climate change drowning West African coastline

22 July 2022

Erosion and tidal surges are threatening fishing communities in West Africa. As a result, many people are fleeing inland — losing their livelihoods. The sea has already encroached two meters into the country's interior.      Rising sea levels threaten many fishing communities in West Africa…

Land registration team in Madagascar

Join us at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) 2022 for the Expert Panel 12 - Beyond Policy Change: using the VGGT to secure tenure rights for farmers!

21 January 2022

Location: Livestream on the GFFA website ( If you want to participate actively in the Global Forum on Food & Agriculture and receive information about all events, please register here: Languages: German, English, French…



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Reflections from the FIG International Congress in Warsaw

16 September 2022

An important precondition for good land governance is to have good land data that can be used to make informed decisions, formulate policies, and develop plans and strategies for the public good.

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Webinar: Realizing women’s land rights in Africa

Webinar: Realizing women’s land rights in Africa

In October 2016, women farmers from 22 countries across Africa climbed the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to claim women’s rights for access to and control over land and natural resources. This event coincided with the launch of a campaign of the African Land Policy Centre (ALPC) to reach the target of…