Liveability Considerations: Towards Designing Sustainable Public Housing in Niger State, Nigeria | Land Portal

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Enero 2023
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Copyright (c) 2023 Phd. Candidate Paul Baba Haruna, Prof. Stella Zubairu, Prof. Remi Ebenezer Olagunju, Assoc. Prof. Oluwafemi Kehinde Akande

This study investigates liveability in the context of sustainable public housing in Niger State Nigeria where existing housing efforts have fallen short of residents satisfaction Recognizing the critical link between liveability indicators and environmental sustainability this research aims to identify key liveability variables that could be integrated into the design and construction of sustainable public housing Employing a mixedmethod approach the study involved cluster sampling for selecting housing estates and units followed by the administration of 910 questionnaires containing 102 questions on liveability variables Analytical techniques including Hierarchical Cluster Analysis Factor Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis were used to group refine and validate the liveability variables The results revealed 21 significant variables that collectively could achieve a 929 satisfaction rate among residents if incorporated into public housing design These findings underline the potential of addressing liveability in the pursuit of sustainable housing solutions offering insights for urban planners architects and policymakers By focusing on the residents perspectives the study contributes to a more usercentred approach in public housing development promoting longterm satisfaction and reducing the need for postoccupancy alterations

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Paul Baba Haruna, Stella Zubairu, Remi Ebenezer Olagunju, Oluwafemi Kehinde Akande

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