Exploring the Contemporary Challenges of Urbanization and the Role of Sustainable Urban Development: A Study of Lagos City, Nigeria | Land Portal

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Enero 2023
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Copyright (c) 2023 Dr. Auwalu Faisal Koko, Msc. Muhammed Bello

As urbanization accelerates sustainable approaches are necessary to counter the adverse environmental impacts The study investigates the multifaceted challenges of Lagos City due to urbanization and evaluates the effectiveness of sustainable urban development in tackling these problems It employed a mixedmethods approach to provide informed decisions for liveable urban environments Census data satellite imagery interviews surveys and focus group discussions provided a comprehensive understanding of Lagoss urbanization and its effects Findings reveal pressing problems such as housing shortages infrastructure strain traffic congestion waste management difficulties and socioeconomic disparities in Lagos City Local authorities and NGOs have implemented sustainable urban development initiatives including transport upgrades green space promotion waste management and housing solutions Such case studies have revealed various interventions such as informal settlement transformation renewable energy integration and urban regeneration However persistent issues still exist due to the citys urbanization Therefore Integrated urban planning inclusivity in policymaking and technological advances are essential for tackling these challenges The findings contribute to the academic discourse by providing insights into Lagos Citys urbanization and practical implications for sustainable urban development It also highlights the need for comprehensive strategies to build a prosperous equitable and ecofriendly city

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Faisal Koko Auwalu, Muhammed Bello

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