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An Introduction to Housing and Land Laws in Sri Lanka

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Diciembre 2007
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© Copyright 2007 Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions


In pursuing its aim to develop housing rights jurisprudence in Sri Lanka and in building the capacity of practising lawyers in the field of housing rights, COHRE Sri Lanka initiated a research project on housing and land laws in Sri Lanka. This publication is based on the findings of this project and is intended to provide an introduction to Sri Lanka’s housing and land laws. Its detailed analysis is confined to the main laws relating to land and housing.

Part I sets out the framework within which the right to adequate housing is recognised under international law. It examines the recognition of the right to adequate housing in international human rights instruments and articulates the scope of the right to adequate housing.

Part II provides an introduction to housing laws in Sri Lanka. It analyses the statistics relating to housing ownership in Sri Lanka and discusses housing policies adopted by the Government. It looks in detail at laws dealing with housing, focusing on relevant case law. It also examines Sri Lanka’s obligations under international law and to what extent these obligations have been met.

An introduction to land laws in Sri Lanka is contained in Part III, which sets out land policy in Sri Lanka and features a section on land ownership indicators. It also analyses the laws relating to land acquisition, State lands, land reform, partition and other important laws affecting land rights.

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Pubudini Wickramaratne Rupesinghe


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