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Community / Land projects / Project for Market and Pasture Management Development (PMPMD)

Project for Market and Pasture Management Development (PMPMD)


08/11 - 09/16


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The purpose of the project is to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods of nomadic herder households and households living in permanent settlements, strengthening the position of the pasture users among 3,940 households in 15 Soums or Districts of 5 Aimags or Provinces, namely: Hovsgol, Bulgan, Hentii, Arhangai and Govi-Altai. It will incorporate climate change adaptation activities and improve skills for value addition to livestock products. Land and natural resource governance related interventions intend to improve access to and management of pasture lands; to provide support for training for Soum government officials on project approach on pasture management and to build sustainable community organisations that promote sustainable pasture use and equity through inclusive approaches and socially responsible practices, through Pasture Herders' Groups.